Custom Home Building Myths

Dismantling Custom Home Building Myths

When you get started building your dream home with Easton Homes, the last thing we want is misinformation affecting any decisions.

Designing your custom home is much easier than many of the common myths that circulate make it out to be, and we want to alleviate any concerns or questions you might have. Your custom home should be everything you desire, with no anxieties to cloud your excitement.

Whether you are building a brand-new home or rebuilding a home with modern upgrades and style revisions, we are here to guide you through the process and put those myths to bed.

Myth 1: The Design Process is Exhausting and Difficult to Understand

The design process to get your custom luxury home may seem daunting, but that’s where the teams at Easton Homes take over. The architects and designers are experts in navigating this process and making it straightforward.

During the process, Easton Homes takes time to know you, your style, and your vision for your home before drafting plans for your house. Regular meetings throughout the process ensure that what you dreamed of becomes a reality at the end of the building process.

Easton Homes designs luxury homes for builds ranging from $1M, which provides a large variety of planning, designing, and building options. We ensure that our design plan for your luxury custom home falls within your budget and exceeds your needs and desires.

“Custom Design, Custom Build” is our motto here, and by working directly with you to develop your home, we make the process painless and easy to understand.

Myth 2: Custom Homes Always Have Hidden Costs

You won’t find hidden costs when designing and building a custom home with Easton Homes. Our teams are straightforward about pricing and total costs to work within your budget to design your home.

We use a gold-standard industry software called Buildertrend to provide real-time pricing sheets that let you know exactly what money is being spent, and why. You can review your home’s profile at any time to stay current on both costs and progress towards your home’s completion. This keeps us accountable and on schedule, and ensures you are informed of every step of the process.

Easton Homes ensures your budget is closely followed throughout the entire building process, not just in the initial design phase. We meet with our clients regularly to update them on progress, walk them through their build site, and connect on customization options to avoid any delays.

Myth 3: You Are Stuck with Limited Styles

Many custom home builders use traditional design principles, but at Easton Homes, we completely customize your home according to your vision and style, whether we are building a brand-new house or rebuilding a previous home.

The design drawings we create are based on your dreams, not based on a standard design book. While there are floor plan layouts we can use as a starting point, the customizations available are endless. Whether you are wanting to add rooms, redesign layouts in individual rooms, widen hallways or entryways, or customize room suites with more features, we have you covered.

Myth 4: Can Take as Little as 18 Months from the Start of Architectural Design

One of the most prevalent misconceptions of the custom home building process is that they take longer to build than any other home.

While the design and selection process can take some time depending on the number of revisions needed to the design plan, building a custom home doesn’t take any longer than waiting for a developer-built home to be completed.

With Easton Homes, our luxury home builds as little as 18 months from the start of architectural design, much faster than the industry standard and our competitors in the area.

An added bonus to a custom build over a developer build is you get to determine the exact specifications. Unlike with a developer build that only offers you a handful of options for flooring color, paint color, cabinetry, and fixtures, every aspect of your home with Easton Homes is customizable to be exactly what you want.

Custom Design, Custom Build, the Right Way

We believe in quality over quantity, and will never cut corners and sacrifice the integrity of our work when building your luxury custom home.

Our commitment to you is to get things done on time, on budget, and according to your dreams. We hope we’ve dispelled a few of the most common myths about custom building a home, and look forward to connecting with you to get your dream home underway.