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Rebuilding Your Home After a Colorado Disaster

Northern Colorado has faced several natural disasters in the past several years, from the Marshall and Middle Fork fires that struck the Louisville area at the end of 2021 to the flooding caused by the torrential rains of 2023. The Marshall Fire was the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history in terms of the number of buildings destroyed, and with those buildings, countless mementos and memories were destroyed as well.

Easton Homes feels for our community and stands by you to design and build a custom home to replace what you’ve lost that exceeds all your expectations.

Resume Your Life in Custom Luxury

We understand that after a disaster, you want your life to resume normalcy as quickly as possible. That is why Easton Homes is committed to completing custom home rebuilds as quickly as possible.

Whatever you liked in your old home, we can keep and modernize to increase functionality and comfort. This is also your opportunity to change those items in your home that you wished were different.

While it is hard rebuilding your home after a disaster, we invite you to look at the situation as an opportunity to transform your home into everything you ever wanted. We know that the memories you had in your original home can never be replaced, but we hope we can custom design and build you a new home, better suited to your needs, that will foster amazing new memories for years to come.

The Process of Rebuilding

For rebuilding your home, the process is much the same as having a completely new custom home built. Easton Homes will schedule a planning meeting to go over your budget, wants, and vision, and from there, we move on to the design stage.

Throughout the process, you will be offered hundreds of customization options to make your rebuilt home clean, modern, and contemporary.

All of our projects, whether they are custom new builds or rebuilds, are planned according to 2021 building codes to ensure your home is as structurally sound as possible. Every project starts with a site-specific soil report that we then use to create an engineered foundation plan to protect your home from natural disasters such as flooding and ensure your home remains stable for its lifetime.

Easton Homes Will Rebuild Your Home, So You Can Rebuild Your Life

We at Easton Homes know firsthand the devastation the recent disasters created for Northern Colorado and are here to help shoulder the burden of rebuilding your home and life. Easton Homes will rebuild your home to be more contemporary, functional, and comfortable, exceeding your hopes for your new home. Contact us today to let us help you start rebuilding your life.

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