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Located in Frederick, Colorado, Easton Homes takes time to customize the design and build of your dream home. For 16 years we have been serving Northern Colorado and the Front Range, providing exceptional care and craftsmanship in constructing your home.

“Providing the Art of Craftsmanship” is what we strive to do daily for all our clients, whether you are looking for a new build, rebuilding after disasters, an addition, a remodel, or building or renovating a new commercial space or multi-family residence development. As a family-owned and operated company that remains hands-on with every project, we provide comprehensive design and building services.

Custom Design | Custom Build

Custom design | Custom Build
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Easton Homes manages your custom home construction from designing plans to fit your vision and budget to obtaining the certificate of occupancy and welcoming you across the threshold. We have the best team of custom home experts working to make your dream a reality.

The teams at Easton Homes create a truly custom design for you, developed to your specifications and needs, without resorting to pre-built floor plans and only a few customizable elements like developer home builds. We meet with you to determine your budget and desires, applying our intense attention to detail in all aspects, from the construction of a new home to reconstructing, remodeling, or adding on to your existing home.

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Custom Home Design


Typically a custom home takes at least 2 years from initial design concepts to obtaining the certificate of occupancy. At Easton Homes, we know how anxious you are to move into your dream residence, so we work tirelessly to beat that average and get you into your home within as little as 18 months of you contacting us to design your custom home.

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Renew Your Home with a Rebuild in 9 months


The industry average for a complete home rebuild is a year or longer. We believe that you should get to enjoy the new features and space of your rebuilt home much sooner. Easton Homes can take as little as 9 months to completely rebuild your home, far outpacing the industry. The process with Easton Homes from the initial design stage to the final step of you enjoying the quality craftsmanship our experts provide is engineered to be as streamlined and painless for you as possible.


We always find ways to personalize the design while maintaining affordability, without compromising craftsmanship or visual appeal.


Ready-Frame® is a whole-house solution that makes framing better, faster, safer and greener. We design and engineer your home and cut everything you need for your custom home.


We work with you to define the project's budget, keeping the costs transparent throughout the build.


We stay abreast of industry trends and improvements and implement the latest high-performance, energy-efficient, and smart home technology and concepts in our designs and builds.

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