Designing Your Luxury Kitchen

Designing Your Luxury Kitchen

With gourmet cooking starring as the hottest new trend, having a space to exhibit your style and personality at the center of your home is crucial.

The design team at Easton Homes was featured in Colorado’s Best Kitchens Spring 2017 edition and excels at converting your kitchen dreams into a luxurious reality.

The kitchen of a home serves as the keystone for entertaining, family connections, holidays, and building memories for a lifetime. You deserve to spend those times in luxury, and designing your high-end kitchen makes that possible.

Going Luxurious for Value and Comfort

Denise McGaha, one of the nation’s leading design experts, states, “The ultimate design statement of the home starts in the kitchen. With the trend toward open floor plans, the kitchen sets the stage for all the other design decisions in the home.”

Centering your luxury kitchen as the focal point of your home establishes the style lines of the residence and carries that theme along. A well-designed kitchen increases your comfort and the functionality of your space, allowing you to create a versatile space that can easily go from a family dinner on the weeknight to a cocktail and charcuterie hour on a weekend evening.

Aside from increasing the usability of the space in your home, developing a luxury design for your kitchen significantly enhances your home’s value.

Per statistics from, homes with luxury kitchens sell 8% faster than comparable homes in their market. Many of the decisions made in designing your kitchen increase the value as well. Custom cabinetry increases the price premium over homes without the feature in the same zip code by 41%, adding an island increases it by 30%, and including creative lighting or granite counters boosts the price premiums by 21% and 18% respectively.

These values are reflected in your comfort and enjoyment of your space, as well as in the equity you are building in your home.

What Counts as Luxurious?

Design Your Style Personality

As mentioned, custom cabinetry, kitchen islands, creative lighting, and granite countertops all scream high-end taste and are perfect ways to reflect your style.

At Easton Homes, we have an in-house cabinet maker to custom design cabinets to suit your taste and needs. Detailed drawings of all cabinets in your kitchen ensure that we build exactly what you want. Given that all other elements of a kitchen are set on, around, or in cabinets, custom cabinetry sets the style for your kitchen. Whether you are looking for Colorado Mountain, transitional, modern, European, or any other style, cabinetry becomes the centerpiece that marks your design taste.

Islands help open up your space and move away from the dated upper and lower cabinet styles of the past. They create more counter space to work, display, and host friends and family, and can introduce other features such as larger sinks, accessories, additional outlets, storage, and built-in appliances such as wine fridges. A kitchen island serves as a focal point for hosting dinners or events, and ties in with the architectural cabinetry to create a seamless design.

Creative lighting under your cabinets, inside drawers or cabinets, or illuminating cocktail and bar glass racks highlights your kitchen without being intrusive or harsh on the eyes.

Functional Options for Luxury

Aside from the appearance aspects of items such as cabinetry, islands, and lighting, functional items such as appliances must be considered as well.

High-tech appliances, such as smart refrigerators or programmable stoves, have become trademarks of the luxury kitchen. Double ovens with steam and convection features are one of the more popular luxury upgrades, as it allows you to cook items at different temperatures and times while cooking things faster while keeping them moist – making them perfect for Thanksgiving and other significant holidays.

Smart refrigerators are high-tech and offer you convenience in a stylish package. From water settings for temperature and ice shape to creating shopping lists that are sent to your phone, utilizing high-end refrigerators simplifies your life while matching your style.

Gourmet options for your kitchen can increase the comfort and value of your home as well, such as wine refrigerators, blast chillers, walk-in pantries, and pizza ovens. While not all features will suit all homeowners, picking a few options can make your home feel high-end and indulge your restauranteur dreams as you host.

Make Your Kitchen a Luxury Hub for Your Home

With the help of Easton Homes, we will create a custom kitchen that exceeds your expectations. A luxury kitchen serves as the showpiece for your home, enhances the usability and comfortability of your living space, creates an entertainment center in your house, and increases its value.

We are here to make your dreams a reality, so contact us today to get started with the design process.