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Custom and Luxury Residential Complexes

Townhomes and other multi-family residences no longer have to feel like corporate housing, they can be modern and customized for you. Easton Homes is the premier residential builder in Northern Colorado and is an expert at designing and building energy-efficient, smart technology-driven townhomes and multi-family residences.

Luxury at the Heart, Your Comfort in Mind

As with all of our builds, Easton Homes focuses on comfort in luxury and expert craftsmanship. We treat all projects with equal care and consideration toward the quality of how they are built. Townhome and multi-family residence builds by Easton Homes have luxury, modern finishes and design aspects from top to bottom, focusing on energy efficiency, smart home technology, and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking to develop a large plot of land into luxury townhomes that will become the star neighborhood of the city or looking to build smaller multi-family residences, Easton Homes has your project needs covered.

Uncompromised Quality and Luxury

At Easton Homes, we believe that the quality of your home shouldn’t suffer in large multi-family residence projects. Our commitment to the art of craftsmanship guarantees your new townhome builds will be comfortable, luxurious, and modern. The individual units in our multi-residence builds start at 1600 square feet and increase depending on your project specifications.

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