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Green Custom Homes for Northern Colorado

In Colorado, energy efficiency is not only financially prudent but also offers stylistic options that make your custom home luxurious. Easton Homes works towards green energy builds, aiming for Net 0 constructions that still align with our customers’ visions and ideas for their dream homes.

We look for ways to save you energy costs once you move into your home while limiting additional costs to the design and building process without compromising workmanship, looks, and aesthetics.

We offer our customers a wide variety of options throughout the planning, designing, and building processes to match budgets ranging from $1M+. Within these budgets, we offer project cost estimates and planning, but always provide completely transparent budgets for our clients.

Easton Homes’ Approach to Your Luxury Custom Home

Easton Homes believes in the principles of plan refinement, looking for ways to save you time and complications in the design of your custom home without increasing costs or compromising our standards of quality and the look you have envisioned for your home.

Throughout the design and building process, we offer you hundreds of selections to truly customize your house into the luxurious home of which you’ve always dreamt.

Energy efficiency is important to how we do business, both to make your home more financially efficient and to make it more comfortable as you live in it.

We adhere to the 2021 IECC Energy Code requirements and 2021 building codes to ensure your home is structurally sound and built to last.

Whatever is important to you in your home, we will implement it within your budget.

Plan Refinement

With Easton Homes, you don’t have to worry about a push toward the most expensive options. We utilize technologies, techniques, and materials that suit what you are looking for in your home, that match your budget, and still provide the quality we demand in our projects.

Ready-Frame® Framing

Through the utilization of Ready-Frame® framing, we far outpace our competitors regarding project completion time. Ready-Frame® framing allows us to send them the building plans for your home, and they cut everything to our project specifications. This makes things faster, safer, greener (as only the materials needed for your project are cut and shipped which reduces waste and shipping costs), and overall better. The computerized systems used reduce mistakes within 1/16” accuracy and optimize material usage to minimize waste, creating a cleaner job site and fewer trees used.

Energy Efficiency

Easton Homes follows IECC Energy Code requirements and exceed certification standards through technologies, appliances, and whole-house electrification.  REScheck reports are provided with our builds along with HERS and Manuals J, D, and S where needed for your eco-friendly home.

Included in our builds are tankless on-demand hot water heaters, Heil 96% efficiency furnaces, Heil 16 SEER air conditioners, and completely insulated windows and doors, including garage doors. Smart home technologies are utilized as well for security, surround sound, network optimization, and energy efficiency, such as programmable thermostats.

Discover Why High-End is Our Standard

“Custom Design, Custom Build” is the motto of Easton Homes, and we take pride in providing the art of craftsmanship throughout all aspects of the luxury custom home experience for our customers. Our standard options are the highest quality products, materials, and techniques in home building, and we do not compromise on craftsmanship or our integrity. Reach out today to get the plans for your new green custom home underway.

Thanks to all of you, we still
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