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We want you to always know where you stand on the projects Easton Homes is working on for your home. That is why we have started using the industry-leading software called Buildertrend, allowing us to show you all aspects of your project in real time.

Easton Homes is committed to accountability and transparency, and Buildertrend lets you monitor your project from your computer or cell phone, communicating progress, design input decisions, change orders, payments, and more, at any time of the day you desire.

If you need to communicate with your team during the project, Buildertrend allows you to communicate directly with us and keeps a record of all communications for later reference. This is especially helpful if you are browsing selection items after business hours and want to make note of a choice then and there while it is fresh in your mind.

We believe that Buildertrend increases the value of choosing our services, as it heightens communications and increases accountability and the straightforwardness of our process. You can be assured of no hidden surprises with Easton Homes and Buildertrend, so call today to get your project on the books.

*Change orders and payments are coming soon

Homeowner Warranty Service

We are providing an enhanced warranty service, Front Line Warranty Service (FLWS), administered by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Front Line Warranty Service will be your dedicated team for all warranty-related service requests and questions.

To submit your warranty service request, follow the steps below:

1. Go to select Sign-In. If you are a first-time user, choose “Sign Up here”.

2. Select Service Requests to create your warranty service request. When you have created your complete list, click Submit to send your request for processing.

3. Once your request is submitted, a FLWS team member will reach out to both you and Easton Homes

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