Transform Your Underutilized Basement Space into a Haven

Transform Your Underutilized Basement Space into a Haven

Gone are the days when the basement of your home served only as storage for seasonal decorations, unsightly furnace and HVAC systems, and forgotten exercise equipment. A finished basement space makes a statement about the aesthetic of your home while allowing you to pursue your interests and comfort.

Your basement space should reflect your unique style, enhance your life, and maximize the luxury potential of your home. By finishing out your basement space, you have a unique opportunity to not only create a living area haven but also to increase your home’s value by expanding the useable floorplan.

Step Into the Benefits of a Finished Basement

Increasing the living space of your home, adding amenities, creating a central entertaining hub, and improving your home’s value are all benefits of finishing out the basement space of your luxury home.

In Colorado, you can expect to see about a 71.3% return on investment for a basement finishing project, slightly above the national average of 70.0%. This makes finishing out your basement one of the more advantageous home renovation projects you can complete. 

Finishing out your basement provides an opportunity to modernize the space, add features to improve its usefulness, and increase the energy efficiency of your home.


Dark, cramped, and unpleasant are typically adjectives that come to mind when thinking of a basement space, but modernizing your basement by finishing it out can make it light, open, and a comfortable hub.

With modern luxury fittings, you can upgrade the lighting in your basement to create the appearance of daylight, making the space feel brighter, cleaner, and more spacious. Carefully crafted room divisions and layouts will transform the space into a comfortable, useable living area that reflects your home’s aesthetic and fits your needs and vision.

Luxury Features

Your basement no longer has to serve as the catch-all for storage, with custom upgrades offered by Easton Homes. Whether you are a film buff looking for a home theater, or love to entertain and want to install a wet bar, finishing out your basement allows you to customize your expanded living space to fit your desires and lifestyle.

Easton Homes offers options to fit any tastes and hobbies when it comes to finishing out your luxury basement. 

Wet Bars

Wet bars can range in theme from a neighborhood sports bar dedicated to your favorite team, an upscale lounge with artistic lighting, or go for a pub look with exposed brick and low-level lights.

Home Theater

Customizing a home theater for your finished basement allows you to install comfortable seating, perfect lighting levels, and integrated sound and video systems that allow you to watch movies, television, or sporting events in luxury. Pair this with a wet bar and you have the new hot spot for cocktails and feature films.


Indulge your inner bookworm and implement a cozy library in your finished basement with built-in wall bookshelves, reading nooks, targeted lighting, and sound-dampening walls to close out distractions. 

Improving Energy Efficiency

One of the main detractors of an unfinished basement is the energy loss when heating or cooling your home through uninsulated walls and ceilings. While finishing out your basement, installing efficiency-rated insulated and upgrading your existing heating and air conditioning systems simultaneously in the process lessens air escape and reduces your climate-controlling expenses. For green-conscious homeowners, a finished basement can help lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased Safety

Another consideration when finishing out your basement is it provides an opportunity to increase the safety of your home. When finishing a basement, especially in Colorado, running a radon test allows you to remediate any issues with radon levels while your basement is renovated, saving you time and additional costs. During a basement finish project, modernizing it also provides a chance to update existing features to current building codes and install additional safety features such as egress points.

Create a Luxury Basement for Utility and Style

With a luxury basement finish project, you can completely transform your space into a place you’ll want to spend time. Whether you want to create an entertainment center with a home theater or a themed wet bar, design a secondary living space, or build a cozy area for relaxation, Easton Homes can turn your basement into a paradise. Contact our design specialists today to turn your unfinished basement into a comfortable and usable space!