Planning a Luxury Residential Development

Planning a Luxury Residential Development

Constructing luxury home and townhome developments with Easton Homes is a dynamic process that fuses our ingenuity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to create upscale, modern living experiences.

With an eye for blending refinement, practicality, energy efficiency, and luxury, our motto of “providing the art of craftsmanship” is reflected in all projects undertaken by Easton Homes, including single and multi-family residential developments.

Planning a luxury home development encompasses many stages, from location selection to architectural design, amenities, technology integrations, and sustainability, all of which are critical to the success of the project.

Determining the Ideal Location

When selecting the location for a luxury single or multi-family residential development, looking for community amenities is an important step.

Comfortable living is imperative in a luxury home build, and some of the best locations for developments have close proximity to creature comforts such as shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment locations, and within outstanding school districts.

In Colorado, nature and views of the incredible landscape the state has to offer contribute to the luxury feeling of these developments. In a recent development from Easton Homes, the townhomes being built all offer western-facing balconies with expansive mountain views, heightening the attractiveness of the homes.

Proximity to green spaces, public transportation, community services, and breathtaking views sets developments constructed by Easton Homes apart from the competition, as our care in choosing prime locations carries over to the pride we take in our work.

Finding the ideal location for a luxury home development project attracts high-end purchasers and offers a greater return on your investment.

Carefully Crafted Architectural Designs

Expert architects are essential in creating luxury single and multi-family residential developments. Without their mastery of design and balance, these homes will fail to embody the elegance and style luxury homes demand. When thinking of a luxury custom home, you should envision a work of art, modern, functional, and appealing both inside and out.

While the main architectural elements of the homes in a luxury development might be similar when it comes to floorplans, style, and square footage, there is still ample room in the architectural design process to add individuality to the homes in the development. In the recent Baker Street Townhome development, Easton Homes provides 4 different floorplan designs and numerous customizations in finishings to make each home exemplify luxury.

With our design team, you are able to offer your buyers extensive choices in their homes’ flooring colors, paint, fixtures, finishes, cabinetry, and lighting, increasing the feeling of luxury in the development.

High ceilings, open floor plans, balconies with breathtaking views of the Colorado mountains, designer fixtures and finishes, and high-end energy-efficient and smart technology features ensure these homes feel luxurious.

Sustainable Luxury

Energy-efficient and sustainable features in a home are not just trends, they are impactful, future-reaching choices that guarantee a home feels modern and cutting edge.

Developments built by Easton Homes focus on incorporating energy-efficient and sustainable options wherever possible, including Energy Star® rated windows, exterior doors, and appliances to reduce energy consumption, helping your home go green and helping more green stay in your wallet through reduced energy costs.

Through full home WiFi connectivity, your home can utilize SMART home technology, allowing you to control your thermostats, locks, security system, water shutoff valves, landscaping sprinkler system, and your doorbell camera from your phone. These small luxuries provide peace of mind when you are away from your home and streamlined functionality as you enjoy your home. Smart technology controls aid in the sustainability of your home as well, as you can program patterns for your thermostat to maximize energy conservation and shut forgotten lights off even if you are not at home.

From Start to Finish, Build a Luxury Residential Development with Easton Homes

A team of experts is essential in ensuring a luxury residential development project goes smoothly, and our team has over 50 years of combined experience in all stages of construction. Luxury starts with choosing the perfect location for the development and continues through the architectural design process, the actual construction of the residences, and finalizes with the buyers receiving the keys to their new custom homes. We are excited to work with you on building a luxury single or multi-family home development, so contact us today to get started.